Research: Robotics

Vision-based Robotic Citrus Harvesting


Mechanization of harvesting of fruits is highly desirable in developing countries due to decrease in seasonal labor availability and increasing economic pressures. Automated robotic harvesting systems are preferred over the mechanical harvesting systems because of a superior harvest fruit quality. Vision-based autonomous robotic citrus harvesting requires target detection and interpretation of 3-dimensional (3D) Euclidean position of the target through 2D images. A new strategy is required for the unstructured citrus harvesting application where the camera can not be a priori positioned to the desired position/orientation for the traditional visual servo control, which directed to the development of a 3D target reconstruction based visual servo control. The 3D reconstruction is achieved by using the target statistical data along with the target image size and the camera focal length to generate the 3D depth information. The controller achieves exponential stability thus regulating the robot arm at the center of the target fruit. The experiments are conducted which demonstrate the feasibility of the controller for an unstructured citrus harvesting application

Experimental Setup

Experimental Results

Performance validation of 3D depth estimation – a preliminary experiment


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